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Warren Buffet

I made my money by selling too soon.

Bernard Baruch

About IETA

The IETA was formed in 1973 and incorporated in 1987 in the Province of Ontario as a non-profit organization. As defined in our charter, the purpose of the Association is to foster dialogue within the institutional equity trading community, provide liaison between this community and other interested groups and promote informative and educational programs.

The IETA normally holds the following events annually: Charity Bowling Tournament in February, AGM in June, Annual Golf Tournament in June (day after the AGM), Fall Bash, and Christmas Holiday Party in early December. IETA holds at least one educational session annually.

The IETA events are great opportunities for networking within the industry, and catching up with new and old friends.

We encourage your participation in the Association and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.

IETA Board 2013-2014

IETA By-Laws

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